Zero Waste is sexy af – you should try it

Kristen Leo vegan beauty

Have you heard of the zero waste movement?

Gone are the days when doing anything environmentally friendly meant that you had dreadlocks, sported a hemp green hoodie and (probably) actually chained yourself to trees.

Have you seen? Hippie has had a makeover. Eco friendly is fast rising as a fashion, and it’s tres sexy.

Stevie Yay ethical fashion
Stevie Yay/ Mama Eats Plants

Ethical sweethearts of today hang out in city cafes, take beach pics dripping with golden sun and white sand, and pose with their plastic free fresh produce they whip up into Instagram worthy meals. They have long flowing locks and trendy short cuts enriched by plant-sourced and animal friendly shampoos, wear vintage gold earrings, vintage sunglasses and ridiculously cute thrifted outfits.

But style isn’t their only weapon of choice in showing the world a new, plant-healthy, soul-quenching and beautiful way of living. They’re spreading the world about the danger our planet is it, the destruction on lives our contemporary consumption habits are having and how our blind subscription to the capitalist lifestyle is making us all miserable.

Want to learn how to cook delicious meals for your family that are zero-waste, wholesome and utterly mouthwatering? Check out Mama Eats Plants.

Want to put down the sugar and cheap chocolate for good (tdlr: your two minutes of sugary pleasure are enslaving children. YOUR actions are enslaving children. Do you want that?) Watch this.

Want to give up cheap, fast fashion for good? Kristen Leo has you covered.

Need to step away from the purchasing of cheap, useless shit because people expect you to buy into this culture? READ THIS. 

These chic, healthy, glowing icons are teaching the world how to live with beauty, intention and purpose – all through your choices of consumption. By living in greater harmony with the planet, not buying plastic-coated products, cheap, unethical food, and destructive high street fashion, you gain a new quality of life, a new purpose. 

It’s not an easy transition, but it’s one I’m trying. I eat plants, try to reduce my plastic, and maintain a minimalist wardrobe (and that’s very French chic after all, no?).

Knowing what I know, I could never go back to the way I lived before. My soul simply couldn’t take it. I’m always striving to be better, and I’m so grateful for this movement – and zero-waste icons – in the process.

What do you think of #ZeroWaste? Do you want to hear more on living beautifully, chicly, with this ethos? What do you do to maintain your harmony with the planet?

Kristen Leo vegan beauty
Kristen Leo


  1. I have a college friend who goes by “dirtygirlgreens” on instagram, she’s a farmer in Panama and has helped me feel confident and beautiful in my zero waste journey. You’re damn right that being environmentally aware can be sexy and so much more! Thanks for the post, a lot of good insight and blogs to check out.


    1. Ah, I just had to look her up – I hadn’t come across her before. What a beautiful life!

      Yes, it’s so important that this style of living becomes mainstream and people show you how desirable it can be and meaningful 🙂 And I REALLY love hearing other people feeling inspired and beautiful in this lifestyle too! Thanks for your comment ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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